My story starts 16 years ago. I began as a 24 year old that entered the world of being a new mother, new wife, and a new business owner. From the ages of 24 and 33, I ran a successful child care business while raising 3 children and being a wife. At the age of 33, I decided to turn the reigns over to my husband. The reasons for this move were because of other personal situations going on in my life. I had become depressed regarding life and now that I no longer was involved with the child care business, my depression grew. Part of the depression stemmed from feeling like I no longer had direction or purpose. The depression grew into physical ailments which in turn attributed to the 15 pound weight gain that I am determined to shed.

I decided it was time to pick myself up and seek out something that was important to me. I began to emerge from the depression by focusing on improving both my physical and mental health. I became passionate about health and helping others. I wanted to be able to take my passion and inspire others. I knew that there was something inside of me that was burning to get out. As I began my personal development journey, the vision that I wanted for my life and career became clearer each day. I had been introduced to Beachbody about 3 years prior but because of the madness, I wasnt able to see exactly what had to offer; nor did it allow me to see how BB was a part of the vision I always had within. Through prayer and guidance from my higher power, as my vision became clearer, I found Beachbody would fit perfectly. Fitness and nutrition has been a big part of my life for the past 16 years. I always made time to exercise and I tried ( as much as I knew how) to eat healthy even when I was running the business.
I now understand health, fitness and nutrition is where I want to spend my time. I want to help others become fit, healthy and grow personally in their own development. I recently became a certified personal trainer as well as a 200-hr certified Yoga instructor. I am in the process of obtaining my Corrective Exercise Specialist credential through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. As I continue to grow and climb, I see Beach Body as a vehicle to share my story and help others to join me on this journey of life, growth and development. Having a life purpose fulfills one’s deepest desires and has a positive impact on one’s health, psyche, and life goals. Beach Body has given me purpose. It’s nothing better than to have a friend/coach guiding you and being there for you during personal journey.

Together, let’s allow Beachbody to be that tool to create the life we all want. It offers amazing workouts for physical transformation, nutritious shakes and supplements & accountability for an inner-health transformation and a business opportunity to create purpose, inspiration, as well as, financial rewards for an overall total mind/body-wellness transformation.

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