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About Me!

Welcome to my page!  If you have the desire to live a healthy and fit lifestyle and/or build financial success you have come to the right site.

I have been involved with health and nutrition for over 15 years. Staying active and helping people live a healthier life is a true passion of mine.  My priorities, however, are keeping God in the forefront of my day to day life, my husband of 16 years and my three beautiful children. I am so blessed to have found a new career that allows me to keep my priorities in check while still providing significance in the lives of others.

I recently became certified as a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer as well as a certified 200-hour yoga instructor. My hobbies outside of fitness include spending time with my family, traveling, and learning new things.

As a busy wife, mother of 3 children and successful business owner, I have had my share of weight loss challenges. I can tell you first hand, about my obstacles as well as my successes.  After recently coming off an injury, I too am once again on a weight loss regiment.  This consists of Shakeology, clean eating and exercise to lose the weight I gained from lack of exercise due to my injury. Since re-focusing on my diet and drinking, Shakeology, the healthiest meal of the day, I have lost thus far 10 lbs, gained tons of energy, improved my digestion and reduced inflammation that was in my hands and feet. I am able to exercise again and I feel great!!

My favorite at-home work-out programs are P90X, Insanity and Slim in 6. Slim in 6 is great for the beginner or for someone who is getting back into exercising after an injury.  If you live in my area perhaps, you would prefer one-on-one personal training or private yoga sessions for strength, flexibility and/or restoration. .  If you allow me to be your coach, I will make sure you have the best program suitable for YOU!  I will also hold you ACCOUNTABLE to the program of your choice! You and I will CREATE  a plan, WRITE it down and TAKE ACTION. I will work hard at holding you to your plan. You will not be in this ALONE. You have come to the right place. I will help you transform your thinking as well as your body, as it relates to exercise and nutrition!

Once you have found your own success, which you will….I would love to talk to you about developing your own coaching business  via Beachbody so that you can “pay it forward” and build an income stream at the same time. I am affiliated with an amazing company and the benefits of being a part of this special organization are ENDLESS!

As a team, we can achieve the goals that you desire both physically and financially. It will take discipline on your part and accountability from me on my part. So, JOIN MY TEAM TODAY….Let’s get started on building the life of your dreams!  I can’t wait to meet you & help you get started on YOUR transformation!


Nutrition + Work-Outs + Coaching (from yours truly)  = RESULTS!—-Let’s Go!

Two of my favorite quotes:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13 )

“A good exercise for the heart is bending down to help someone get up.” (author unknown)